Scholars' Visit to China

  • Introduction

    Plan for the Overseas Sinology Scholars Visit to China

    To promote the international cooperation and exchanges in the field of Sinology study, and encourage and support the overseas Sinology scholars to understand China comprehensively and profoundly as well as finance their study-oriented visit to our educational or research institutions, we hereby formulated the "Plan for the Overseas Sinology Scholars Visit to China". The specific measures for implementation are as follows:

    1. Application Qualifications

    a. Professional scholars, who are working in the foreign education or research institutions at the research on Chinese language, cultures, history, laws, politics, economy and have Associate Professor Title or PhD with more than 3 years experiences in the field (Hereinafter referred to as "Research Scholar").

    b. Research Scholar, who has made outstanding research achievements or ongoing research of important topics in reading PhD.

    2.Application Materials

    a. Profiles of published books and papers (In languages other than Chinese or English translation must be attached);

    b. Plan for study-oriented visit (More than 8 hundreds words);

    c. Letter of recommendation from famous scholar in this field (if written in language other than Chinese or English, translation into either Chinese or English must be attached);

    d. Chinese educational or research institutions invitation, even the invitation of Chinese Professor;

    e. Application of Overseas Chinese studies scholars China visit Plan in duplicate.

    3.Submission Application Materials

    If applicants plan to make a study-oriented visit to China, they should submit, 3 months in advance in principle, the application materials to the Hanban in a direct way or through:

    a. Embassy (Consular) of the PRC of China;

    b. Chinese educational or research institutions, whom the applicants are to be received by and do research with.

    c. Chinese scholars, whom the applicants are to be received by and do research with.

    4. Approval and Notification

    After receiving the application materials, Hanban will verify the applicant's academic background, research programs as well as the Chinese host organizations. In addition, Hanban should give its decision of approval or disapproval upon the application materials within 30 days from the date.

    When approved, Notice of Funding Approval and Visa Notice by Chinese Ministry of Education will be sent to applicant by Hanban, which then notify Embassy (Consular) of the PRC of China and the Chinese host institution. When disapproved, Hanban will clarify the reasons to the applicant in written.

    5. Duration for Study-oriented Visit:

    Generally, duration for the approved applicants (Hereinafter referred to as "visiting scholar") to make a study-oriented visit is two to four weeks and no more than three months at most.

    6. Funding Content and Standards:

    After arriving in China, visiting scholar could receive funding by the Chinese host institution.

    Funding is as follows:

    Research scholar: 10,000RMB per month for each person. Study-oriented visit for less than 1 month is funded by the day;

    PhD: 6,000RMB per month for each person. Study-oriented visit for less than 1 month is funded by the day.

    Research fees and books fees are free for visiting scholar, and they even enjoy the accident health insurance, which is provided by Hanban.

    7. International Travels Expense

    Applicants can apply for international travels expense financed by Hanban with application materials. If it is approved, Hanban will book round-trip ticket for economy class in direct line and post it to visiting scholar.

    8. Others:

    Visitors apply to Embassy (Consular) of the PRC of China for Chinese visa by representing Notice of funding approval of the Hanban and Visa notice of Chinese Ministry of Education.

    Chinese host institution is responsible for the details of visiting scholars' reception.

    Visiting scholars should submit research report written in Chinese (including abstract), to Hanban, within one month after finishing study-oriented visit.


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